Wednesday by Steven Evans


I really wanted to like this book; the back blurb made it sound so good! Middle school popularity contest (student body president campaign) turned supernatural suspense? Sign me up! But for all the potential this book had, it lived up to none of it.

First of all, the characters do not speak like real people. Or like middle schoolers. My best way to describe the dialogue is perhaps all of the characters recently read a thesaurus/dictionary and then wanted to show off their newfound vocabulary. This was especially confusing since it’s not clear who the intended audience is; the language is too lofty and over-dramatic to make it a young adult read, but the plot is too stale and the ending too trivial to entice adult readership.

Let me talk about the ending some more: it sucked. There’s some build up that the events in the book may be supernatural but (spoiler!) they’re not. Then, once you’ve caught on that unnatural forces aren’t in play, the book ends. There’s not resolution to the deception and cruelty that the title character (yes, her name is Wednesday) has partaken in, and the heroine (Lash) gets the perfect life for no reason except that the book ended.

There are several very realistic moments, such as when the seventh graders think it’s just hilarious when someone responds to the roll call with “president” instead of “present.” But for every realistic moment there’s two or three absurd moments that had me rolling my eyes.

I kept reading in the hope that it would have a stellar ending to make up for its faults (maybe it’s all a dream? Maybe it’s satire?), but in this too it let me down.

AND WHAT ABOUT THE MOVIE? For the love of literature, Hollywood, please do not make this into a movie.


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