Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Grahame


Yikes, it’s been awhile! Haven’t had too much time to read lately, which has made it difficult to keep up with a blog about reading. But I’m back! And kicking off my return to the internet, I’m going to review the latest book I’ve been able to finish: Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls and Everything in Between.

I’ll go ahead and say now that I have not read Grahame’s first book, the novel Someday, Someday, Maybe. I actually had no idea that she’d written a novel until she mentioned it in this book, so take that as you will. And to be perfectly honest, the first few times she mentioned her first work were funny, but the bit got annoying fast.

And in the interest of further honesty, I really only wanted to read this book because I wanted some funny anecdotes about the making of Gilmore Girls, either the original or the revival. Not to say that I was completely uninterested in Grahame’s life, but it wasn’t my main purpose for reading.

Which brings me to what I think is the major failing of this work: it doesn’t deliver on what the title promises. What you get instead is cleverly written, in many places it is insightful, and almost all of it is at least a little funny. But most of it isn’t about Gilmore Girls at all. I think a quick change of title that doesn’t evoke emotions directly related to a hit TV show would go a long way to improve my overall opinion, since it is objectively a good memoir for someone who’s only in her late 40s. And I’m not even a huge GG fan; I can only imagine how disappointing this would be for some of the die-hard fans that I know. Have I mentioned enough that there was not enough Gilmore Girls for a book that mentions the book twice on the cover?! I really want to drive this point home; Lauren Grahame apparently remembers next to nothing about the first seven seasons (or she’s pretending to not remember anything, and I haven’t decided which is worse). She spends more overall time taking about her first book than anything else! Still haven’t decided whether I’ll check it out, so stay tuned.

AND WHAT ABOUT THE MOVIE? Obviously there isn’t a movie, but we were recently blessed with Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Not that it was perfect, but it was nice to return to Stars Hollow one last time.


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