Holy Cow by David Duchovny


I thought this book was hilarious, but the rest of the cheeses polled disagreed and thought it was stupid. (The average rating was a 4, but my personal rating was a 6 so I went with the more favorable number).  So… take that as you will.

It’s corny, it’s a mess,  Michael Schaub is probably correct that it’s not very well executed, but all the same I sort of loved the absurdity of the thing.

If you don’t take it (or its author) seriously, it’s a very quick, easy read with some humorous moments.

AND WHAT ABOUT THE MOVIE? Ok, so there obviously isn’t a movie, but I just found out that Bree Sharp re-released and re-performed a version of “David Duchovny, Why Won’t You Love Me?” in honor of the X-Files reboot, so I just HAD to share.


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